First blog post

How hard is it to write a good opening line? Been staring at this for a while now.

Ok, my name is Paul Matthews. I’m a father of one beautiful daughter, and live with my partner. We have no pets, and live in a 3 bed house. I’m a PC gamer and my favourite game is Battlefield 3. My gaming tag is Cann0nF0dder (the o’s are zeros) which is partly why my wordpress domain name is cann0nf0dder. Please feel free to add me as a friend.

Why am I now writing a blog?
Within our company we have a department blog which I am a main contributor too. It is a valuable source of information from something simple to something technical, but it’s not accessible from outside of the company firewall. It is such a useful tool, I decided to create my own one.

First technical post coming soon….