Unable to change Office 365 Group Membership

Was recently having a problem trying to change the group membership of a 365 Group. I was trying to add external users to the group, and through SharePoint it always redirects you to Outlook to do this.

  • Click on members top right of the screen.
  • Click Add members
  • Click go to Outlook to add Guests.
  • This should redirect you to the group information for the group, where you can edit; about this group, change membership, see emails, and files related to the group.

The problem I was getting, was that as soon as it hit the above page, it was redirecting to https://outlook.office365.com/people/. I also couldn’t see the Groups part, as highlighted below.

It made no sense that I couldn’t see it, I was a global administrator, I created the site, I was an owner of the site, I had a E5 license.

It turned out, it was a simple thing that took Microsoft Support, and several engineers a while to help me solve. Somehow my account mailbox had been converted to a Shared Mailbox. How or why this happened doesn’t matter.

By going to the Exchange admin centre, clicking on Recipients and Shared it displays all the Shared Mailboxes.

In the example above, David Mamam (a made-up person in my demo tenant) has a Shared Mailbox. If David attempted to click on the ‘go to outlook’ link in the SharePoint site, he would be re-directed to https://outlook.offic365.com/people. To fix this problem, David’s mailbox needs to be converted back to a regular mailbox.

To do this, click on the ‘convert’ link underneath the ‘Convert to Regular Mailbox’ within the Exchange admin center, as show above. The conversion takes a few moments.

Once complete, the user will be able to click the link to modify the Office 365 Group that they were an owner of.


Unable to download the Exchange Online PowerShell Module – “Deployment and application do not have matching security zones”

If you want to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to connect to Exchange Online PowerShell, Microsoft states you are required to install the Exchange Online Remote PowerShell Module, and use the Connect-EXOPSSession cmdlet to connect.

To download this, you need to go to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) for your Exchange Online organization.

  • Head to Microsoft 365 Admin centre https://admin.microsoft.com for your tenant and sign in.
  • In the left hand navigation, expand out Admin Centers and select Exchange
  • A new tab opens and loads up the Exchange admin center.
  • In the navigation select Hybrid, and then click the second configuration button.

  • This downloads and runs Microsoft.Online.CSE.PSModule.Client.application.

It was at this point I got an error message stated, “Application cannot be started Contact the application vendor.”

From clicking on the Details under summary email it stated: “Deployment and application do not have matching security zones.”

The problem here, is that, it is trying to run a click-once application. This only works in IE/Edge. I was accessing the EAC through chrome. Therefore, log into your tenant again using Edge or IE.

  • Once loaded, you will find Microsoft Exchange Online PowerShell available in your Windows 10 menu. Also, a PowerShell window will open ready for you to connect to Exchange online using PowerShell.

Connect-EXOPSSession -UserPrincipalName <your UPN>

Summary: When downloading the Microsoft Exchange Online PowerShell from the Microsoft Exchange Admin centre, ensure you have logged in using IE or Edge.