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In the last year, I let myself down a little by not blogging as much as I wanted to. I’m hoping this year I will blog a bit more often. The issue I sometimes find is there are so many decent blogs out there, writing something that is already out there feels like I’m just copying someone else’s idea. I also don’t write a blog about really simple things, that took me a minute to work out. If it took me a moment, is it really worth blogging about? Then there is the time to write the blog, I like to provide code, screenshots and test my walkthroughs to ensure they work and make sense. (I still have one blog that I haven’t finished yet, I started in August!)

After saying in the last paragraph I don’t want to copy someone else’s idea, the idea of posting my Top 10 blog posts for 2019, I have nicked from Nate Chamberlain. I don’t know Nate personally, but I hope he doesn’t mind I’m copying his blog post idea.

Anyway, thank you for reading my blog and here are a list of the most popular blog posts in 2019. (I’m surprised from the list that people still go to them, as they are quite old now, dating back to 2013! Only one of them was written in 2019.)

Top 10 blog post based on views for 2019

TitleNumber of Views
TypeScript error in Visual Studio – Cannot find module, problem with the tsconfig.json file6,125
SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows and GET REST API5,002
Building SharePoint 2016 Development environment – Part 8 – Installing SQL 2016 ready for SharePoint 20164,505
Getting sound to work within your Windows Server Hyper V client4,081
Upgrading Windows 10 – Resolution stuck at 1024 x 7683,839
Unable to download the Exchange Online PowerShell Module – ‘Deployment and application do not have matching security zones3,294
Using REST to upload a File to Document library (Including different site collection)3,167
Building SharePoint 2016 development environment – Part 10 – Configuring Central Administration for SSL2,959
SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows and POST REST API2,937
Accessing Taxonomy Term Store with JSOM2,883
Cann0f0dder’s top 10 blog posts of 2019

As the above list one has one blog post I wrote in 2019, below is a list of the top ten blog post that were written in 2019.

The Top 10 blog post based on views that were written in 2019

TitleNumber of Views
Unable to download the Exchange Online PowerShell Module – “Deployment and application do not have matching security zones”3,294
Programmatically change the New Menu in SharePoint Online using PowerShell884
SharePoint Online Custom Format View issue with @now and UK Date format808
Setting up an O365 Dev Tenant – Part 1 – Getting the Tenant795
Access denied when attempting to move SharePoint documents395
Visual Studio – NuGet – No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
Setting up an O365 Dev Tenant – Part 6 – Set up SharePoint Tenant188
Finding the related Site from Teams Private Channel Site181
Setting up an O365 Dev Tenant – Part 2 – Create users from CSV file168
Setting up an O365 Dev Tenant – Part 5 – Turning on O365 Auditing104
Cann0f0dder’s top 10 blog posts of 2019 written in 2019

First blog post

How hard is it to write a good opening line? Been staring at this for a while now.

Ok, my name is Paul Matthews. I’m a father of one beautiful daughter, and live with my partner. We have no pets, and live in a 3 bed house. I’m a PC gamer and my favourite game is Battlefield 3. My gaming tag is Cann0nF0dder (the o’s are zeros) which is partly why my wordpress domain name is cann0nf0dder. Please feel free to add me as a friend.

Why am I now writing a blog?
Within our company we have a department blog which I am a main contributor too. It is a valuable source of information from something simple to something technical, but it’s not accessible from outside of the company firewall. It is such a useful tool, I decided to create my own one.

First technical post coming soon….