Setting up a O365 Dev Tenant – Part 1 – Getting the Tenant


In this series of posts, I will explain how you can set up a Development O365 Tenant quickly. Using PowerShell scripts, at the end of this process, you will have:

  • A O365 Development Tenant with 25 “DEVELOPERPACK” Licenses.
  • 25 Users assigned with license
  • A total of 274 Users added to the Tenant
    • Set up for multiple offices
    • Organisational structured
  • All users will be MFA enabled
  • All users will have photos added to their accounts
  • Enabling Office 365 Auditing
  • Setting up the SharePoint Tenant Settings and enabling Public CDN for SPFX

Unfortunately, I have found it impossible to do the following via PowerShell scripts, and these would need to be done manually. I haven’t included this information within these blog post.

  • Create a Tenant App Catalog
  • Set Organisation Details
  • Set Login Branding
  • Set Tenant Branding

Join Office 365 Development Program.

Microsoft allows anyone with a Microsoft account to get a development Office 365 Subscription by joining the Office 365 developer program.

  • Click Join Now
  • Sign in with your Microsoft Account. (Hotmail, live, outlook etc)
  • Select your Country/Region and enter your Company name. Tick the terms and conditions and then click Next
  • Fill out the next page and then click JOIN.

Get an Office 365 Subscription

After you have joined the Development program, you will be present with a screen to allow you to set up a subscription.

  • Click Set Up Subscription
  • Fill out the form and click Continue:
    • Country/Region
    • Create UserName
    • Create Domain
    • Password
    • ConfirmPassword
  • Add your phone number on the next screen, then click Set-up
  • Once created, you can then click Go to Subscription
  • After you have signed in the link takes you to

  • Click on Admin takes you to the admin centre. Expanding … Show all in the left hand navigation and then expanding Admin Centers you can see you have a full E3 license tenant.

Assign yourself a license.

This is going to be a manual step, and can skip this if you wish, as my next blog will show you how to do this via code.

  • Expand Users, and select Active Users. You will see one user in the tenant. You. Currently this account doesn’t have a license. Select the user.
  • The panel that appears on the right, click the link Edit for Product licenses.
  • Select the Location and turn On the Office 365 E3 Developer Licenses. Click Save.
  • Your user now has a production assigned to them. Click Close.

How long is my Office 365 Subscription valid for?

You may have noticed when you created your subscription it states there are 91/92 days left. Microsoft use to give their members a subscription for 1 year. They have now reduced this to 90 days, however, there is a new clause that states:

As a program member, you can get a free Office 365 developer subscription with 25 user licenses to use to build your solutions. This subscription will remain active for as long as you’re actively developing and deploying solutions.’

I’m not sure how often you need to be deploying and developing on the subscription to keep it open. All the FAQ are found in the link below.

In this blog post we have set up an O365 Development Tenant with 25 “DEVELOPERPACK” Licenses and assigned one license to ourselves. In the next blog post I will be showing you the PowerShell scripts I have written to help quickly set up my tenant.