Building SharePoint 2016 development environment – Part 9 – Installing SharePoint 2016

A few years ago I wrote “Build your SharePoint 2013 development machine on Windows Server 2012” series, I mainly work in the cloud now, but as the blogs was so popular, I thought I would create a new series for the newer version of SharePoint.

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Giving SP_Setup Account administrative privilege on your SQL/SharePoint Virtual Machine

Before we can start installing SharePoint 2016, we want to install it using a Setup account. In Part 6 we created the SP_Setup account, now we need to add this to the administrators group of the local machine.

  1. On the start menu, type Edit local users and groups and select the application

In the left hand pane, click Groups. Then double click Administrators group to open it up.

  1. Click on Add… and enter SP_Setup. Click on OK, and then OK again to close the Administrators property box.
  2. Sign out of the SQL/SharePoint Virtual Machine as Adminstrator, and sign back in as SP_Setup

Insert SharePoint Server 2016 disk

  1. From the Hyper V Manager on your host machine, right click and select Settings…
  2. Under the DVD Drive, change the image file from SQL 2016 to SharePoint 2016. Click OK.

Install SharePoint 2016 prerequisites.

  1. Go back within the Virtual Machine, and double click the D drive, or run splash.hta
  2. Click the Install Software Prerequisites link.
  3. In the Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Products Preparation Tool dialog, click Next
  4. Accept the License Terms. Click Next.
  5. The prerequisites for SharePoint 2016 will be installed and set up. When it has completed, will be asked to reboot. Click Finish
  6. After a reboot and logged back in as SP_Setup, the installer continued. The prerequisites finally completed. Click Finish

Installing SharePoint 2016

  1. Double click the D drive, or run splash.hta
  2. Click Install SharePoint Server
  3. When prompted Enter your Product key. Click Continue.
  4. Tick I accept the terms of this agreement. Click Continue.
  5. Accept the default file location (Unless you have a reason not to). Click Install Now.
  6. When it has finished. Run the configuration wizard by clicking Close.
  7. On the Welcome to SharePoint Products click Next >
  8. Accept the dialog warning that services may have to be started or reset during configuration. Click Yes.
  9. On Connect to a server farm, select Create a new server farm. Click Next >
  10. On the Specify Configuration Database settings
    1. Database Server: SQL2016
    2. Database Name: SharePoint_Config
    3. UserName: cfcode2016\SP_Farm
    4. Password: Pa55w0rd
      Click Next >
  11. On Specify Farm Security Settings put the Passphrase as Pa55w0rd. Click Next >
  12. On Specify Server Role as this is a development environment, select Single Server Farm. Then click Next >
  13. On Configure SharePoint Central Administration Web Application tick Specify port number. Type in the number 2016. Select NTLM for security settings. Click Next >.
  14. On the final page Completing the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard it will display a summary of what you have selected. Click Next >
  15. When the installer has finished, you will be presented with Configuration Successful. Click Finish. Internet explorer will open Central Administration allowing you to complete the installation. Click Cancel to Configure your SharePoint Farm. There is no need to run the wizard and better doing each service separately as you need it.

Next post will show you how to configure Central Administration for SSL. Again, now is a good place to shut down machines take checkpoints before continuing.