Building SharePoint 2016 development environment – Part 7 – Adding AD accounts.

A few years ago I wrote “Build your SharePoint 2013 development machine on Windows Server 2012” series, I mainly work in the cloud now, but as the blogs was so popular, I thought I would create a new series for the newer version of SharePoint.

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Creating the Accounts required

Please note that the following setup is just for a simple development environment. You should read the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Prepare for Installation section.

First we need to create 9 different accounts.

SP_Farm – SharePoint Farm account

SP_Setup – SharePoint Setup Account

SP_Content – SharePoint Content account for the Content Databases

SP_Services – SharePoint account for the Shared Services within SharePoint

SP_SQL – The account to run SQL with.

SP_Search – The account used for SharePoint Search Crawler

SP_UserProfile – The account used for User Profile service

SP_SuperUser – SharePoint publishing infrastructure super user account

SP_SuperReader -SharePoint publishing infrastructure super reader account

  1. Log into the Domain Controller.
  2. In the Start Menu, type Active Directory Users and Computers. Select the application.
  3. Expand the tree in the left hand pane to see the Managed Service Accounts OU. Select the Managed Service Accounts OU.
  4. Right click on Managed Service Accounts and select New > User. Create a new user called SP_Farm. Set the Full Name and Log on name to SP_Farm. Click Next.
  5. In the password dialog screen, enter the following and click Next.
    1. Password and Confirm Password: Pa55w0rd
    2. Untick User must change password at next logon.
    3. Leave User cannot change password as unticked.
    4. Tick Password never expires
    5. Leave Account is disabled as unticked
    6. Click Next. Then Finish

Repeat the steps 1-4 for the remaining accounts (SP_Setup,
SP_Content, SP_Services, SP_SQL, SP_Search, SP_UserProfile, SP_SuperUser, SP_SuperReader, and SP_Unattended)

You could add any users here, but when creating their accounts, add them to User OU not the Managed Service Accounts

Setting up Host names (SQL2016, Intranet, Dev, HNSC, my)

  1. On your Domain controller, in the start menu, type DNS. Open the application to the DNS Manager
  2. Expand the forward lookup zones contained in the left panel.
  3. Right click on the zone and click on a New Host
    (A or AAAA)
  4. Type in the name of the record. In this case we are going to name our SQL Server SQL2016. Set the IP address as the IP address where we are installing SQL. This was configured in our previous post as Click on Add Host.
  5. You will then get a verification dialog, and after click OK. You will see the record has been created in the right pane of the DNS manager.
  6. To Check that this is all working, open a command prompt, and type
    ipconfig -flushdns
    Then type
    ping SQL2016

    Note: If it’s unable to ping, you might have the firewall switched on for domains on your VM’s. You can turn this off. (Remember this is development machine only)

    Repeat the above steps 1-6 for Dev and Intranet, HNSC and my