Building SharePoint 2016 development environment – Part 2 – Setting up and configuring Host Computer using Hyper V.

A few years ago I wrote “Build your SharePoint 2013 development machine on Windows Server 2012” series, I mainly work in the cloud now, but as the blogs was so popular, I thought I would create a new series for the newer version of SharePoint.

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Setting up and Configuring Host Computer using Hyper V.

From comparing from my SharePoint 2013 blog post, I’ve noticed I haven’t actually upgraded my PC in 4 years. I still have an i7 3770K, 32GB ram. I have larger SSD hard drives than before. My host PC is running Windows 10, and I have activated the feature to include Hyper V (Same for Windows 10).

Configuring the Network adapters

I will be creating just two Virtual Machines. The Domain Controller machine and the SQL & SharePoint machine. I want the Virtual Machines to have internet access, but to be on their own network IP range. The following instructions will show you my set up.

  • Open Hyper V Manager, and on the right hand side of the screen, click Virtual Switch Manager.
  • Create an external adapter (if it’s not already there) and point the network to your external network connection of your host machine.
  • Then create an Internal adapter. Point that to the Internal network.
  • Click OK. To save your Virtual Switches information.
  • On your host machine, open up your Network Connections. In run command, type npca.cpl
  • When the Network connections open, you should see your two newly created Network switches.
  • Right Click on the External adapter and click Properties.
  • Select the Sharing tab, and then tick to ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.’ Then select your Internal adapter and click OK on the properties.
  • The External Adapter should now say Shared

We will be doing further configuration within the Virtual Machines network in a later post, but for now we are done.