Building SharePoint 2016 development environment – Part 1 – Introduction

A few years ago I wrote “Build your SharePoint 2013 development machine on Windows Server 2012” series, I mainly work in the cloud now, but as the blogs was so popular, I thought I would create a new series for the newer version of SharePoint.

This will be an interesting learning curve for me too, to see how much has changed and how many issues I will encounter compared to the 2013 version.

The plan is to build 2 Virtual Machines.

A Domain Controller

The domain controller running on Windows Server 2012 R2. I will be calling the domain, This server will host Active Directory, DNS, and Certificate Authority. It will run on 2GB of RAM.

A SharePoint Machine

The SharePoint machine will be running using the SharePoint mini-role configuration which should only be used for development and testing. Never production. The plan is to configure SSL certificates, a development and intranet site using Host Named Site Collections (HNSC). Services that will be running on this machine will be Managed Metadata Service, User Profile, Search, Workflows, and Apps. I will be using the latest version of SQL. (SQL 2016) There is no reason why you can’t use SQL 2014, just ensure you install .NET framework 3.5 on the server before you install SQL. There will be an error messages if you try!

Unlike my 2013 blog posts this SharePoint farm will not be using Kerberos. Mainly because I couldn’t get it working, and secondly for a development environment it’s not really needed unless you are doing code that requires Kerberos. My SharePoint virtual machine will be running on 16GB of RAM.

I will be installing Visual Studio 2015 directly onto the SharePoint server.

I’m lucky enough to have MSDN license keys to build out my farm, if you don’t have MSDN, these products all have 180-day trial licenses available and you could use them instead.

Good luck, it took me over a week to test and write these blogs, just to ensure everything works correctly. I had bumps along the way and I’m sure you might too (Hyper V Checkpoint come in handy).


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  1. Thanks, I will be setting up SharePoint 2016 DEV environment soon – This detailed article will help.

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