Upgrading Windows 10 – Resolution stuck at 1024×768

I’ve upgraded a laptop tonight to Windows 10. The laptop is quite old, it’s a Compaq and it was brought with Vista originally installed on it.

Once it had finished upgrading, I found that the screen resolution was stuck in 1024×768. Thought this shouldn’t be a problem, just Right Click the desktop, select Display Settings. This is where Windows 10 looks a little different, compared to previous versions of Windows. To be able to change the resolution you need to select Advance Display Settings.

Once you have clicked Advanced display settings it is on this screen you can change the resolution. However when I got to this on the laptop the maximum resolution was only 1024×768.

I needed to get the drivers, I had a Nvidia nforce 730m in-built graphics card, and the Nvidia website doesn’t allow you to download the driver for it, and recommend you to download from the manufactures website. So I head over to the manufacturers website and typed in my model number. The only 64 bit driver available for the graphics card was for the operating system Vista, which make sense as that should be the operating system on this laptop. So I downloaded the driver and when to install it. As it was a Zip file I had to extract the file.

From inside the extracted folder, I found the setup file and tried to install the graphics driver. As I went to install it, I received an error message saying:

Setup detected that the operating system in use is not Windows Vista [32-bit]/[64-bit]. This setup program and its associated drivers are designed to run only on Windows Vista [32-bit]/Vista[64-bit]. The installation will be terminated.

The solution is to not use the setup file. In the search bar start typing Computer Management and open the Computer Management app.

Once you have opened Computer Management, select Device Manager in the left panel and then find the Display adapters in the right panel and expand the Display adapters.

Note: Picture below shows the graphics card is already installed, this is because I’m grabbing screen shots after I found the solution.

Right click the generic graphics card and select Properties. On the properties dialog, select Update Drivers

You will be asked how you want to search for drivers. Select Browse my computer for driver software.

I then Browsed to the folder where 64 bit driver is located. This location is the unzip file location. Ensure you have Include subfolders ticked.

After I clicked OK, Windows was able to find and install the graphics driver, instantly my resolution changed to the maximum size my laptop would go, that was 1280x 800.