Upgrading to Windows 10 now I have a blank screen and cursor

I updated my first PC to Windows 10 today, never actually touched Windows 10 before today, and to ensure I didn’t damage my PC with a first run, I used my Mum’s. You can see the blog here with all the steps and screenshots. However, at the last part of the upgrade when I was logged into Windows 10 for the first time the screen was just a blank screen and a cursor. I waited quite some time, about 30 mins (The PC was very low spec) but still nothing was showing. I didn’t want to just reboot the PC, so I first checked to see if Microsoft had any messages about this in any of their forums. It turns out that on some Dell pc’s when Windows 10 first boots up, it thinks you have 2 screen connected, and you are seeing the second screen.

How to Fix?

First of all, press enter and put in your password if you have one (I know you can’t see the screen, but imagine that you can). Give it a moment and then press Windows Key + P. If you do this on a screen you could see you would see this appear. You want to select Second screen only. Of course you can’t see this, your setting will be at the top one PC screen only, so after pressing Windows Key + P, press the down arrow 3 times and then press enter. I did it first time, but some people did report they had to try a few times with a different amount of down key presses. Note: If you press the down key too many times it will go back to the top option and cycle round. You should now see your Windows 10 desktop. However, you haven’t finished yet.

  • Right Click the desktop and select Display Settings
  • Change Multiple Displays to Show only on 1
  • Click Apply.

Hope this solves your problem as it did mine.