SQL Azure – Connecting to SQL Azure server and database using the browser

In my last post I showed you how to connect to your SQL Azure using SQL Management studio. This post is showing you how to manage your SQL Azure Server and Database within the browser, but please note, I’m not sure how long this feature will be around due to the fact that if you create a server using the V12 (Latest SQL Database), you will not be able to view your database in the browser. Also that the page uses Silverlight to render, and that was killed off in 2012.

To connect through the browser you have two choices:
1. You can log into your Azure Portal, and navigate to your database. At the bottom of the Quick Start page for your database there is a link “Design your SQL database” this will open up another page where you can log into your SQL azure.

2. The other way of access the login page for SQL Azure in the browser is by navigating to the following URL, replacing servername with the name of your server. https://[servername].database.windows.net you will be presented with a login screen.

Using your SQL admin account you can log in. (The login doesn’t have to be the SQL admin, it can be any SQL user account that has already been created)

Once you have logged in, you can then navigate to your database, and click the pencil icon to design.

Once in design mode you could create a new table, view, stored procedure. As I’m not a true SQL developer, this design view is what I’m used to within SQL Management studio. But when connecting to SQL Azure with SQL management studio this functionality is missing.

If you are a true SQL Developer, there is nothing stopping you clicking New Query in the menu bar and writing T-SQL Statements to create your tables, columns, stored procedures etc.