Installing Azure PowerShell

There are lots of Azure Cmdlets available so that you can manage your own Azure environment with Windows PowerShell. To be able to run any of these Cmdlets inside your PowerShell window, you first need to Install Azure PowerShell modules.

There are two ways of installing Azure PowerShell:

  1. PowerShell installer at Git Hub.
  2. Using the Web Platform Installer

Git Hub PowerShell installer

For the Git Hub PowerShell installer visits and click the Windows Standalone link.

Run the file, and then just step through the Microsoft Azure PowerShell Setup Wizard.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer

You might find this is already on your PC/Server so you can just open it from here.

If not you can download it directly from Microsoft at the following Url:

Once installed and the Microsoft Web Platform Installer opens, if Microsoft Azure PowerShell with Microsoft Azure SDK not showing on the screen under the spotlight tab, (as it was for me) use the search box and search for Azure PowerShell.

Click Add

Then Install

Then I Accept.

Azure PowerShell will then start to download and install.

Once installed successfully you will get a successfully installed message. Click Finish, and Exit the Web Platform Installer.

Running the Azure PowerShell

Now that everything has been installed, you should now have a application call Microsoft Azure PowerShell in your menu.

Last note: If you find that when using PowerShell ISE after installing Azure PowerShell, doesn’t have the Azure cmdlets in the intellisense, you will need to reboot your PC that you have installed it on. I thought this was a must, as the few servers I have installed this on in the past few days required a reboot, but the server I’ve just done it on now to take these screen shots, didn’t require a reboot and worked straight away.