SharePoint Online menu icons missing in Internet Explorer

For some reason the past couple of days I’ve noticed that inside my VM the icons at the top right of my SharePoint Online site was missing.

Missing icons

How it should look

It worked fine in Chrome, Firefox. It also worked on IE on my base PC, my PC at home, inside my Hyper V machine, but for some reason not inside Virtual Machine at work. Every SharePoint Online site didn’t have the icons in Internet Explorer.

The way I fixed it was resetting my Internet Explorer. Please ensure all Internet Explorer browsers are closed apart from the one you have open to access Internet Options.

  • Goto Internet Options.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Then under Reset Internet Explorer settings click Reset

  • Tick the box Delete personal settings (Might not need to do this, but now I’ve fixed the problem, I’m unable to go back and test). Click Reset.

  • Once the Reset has complete you are asked to reboot your PC. After you have done this, if you navigate back to your SharePoint Online site you will see the icons are back.

    Why they disappeared in the first place I do not know, but I’m glad to get them back.