VMWare 9 where has Synchronize guest time with host gone?

When at work I’m working with VMWare. Personally I prefer Hyper V, but there you are. Today when I got into work, I noticed my clock on the guest machine was about 3 hours out. This indicated to me that the Synchronization hadn’t been turned on. So I clicked on the VM icon in the tray of the guest machine. All I received was the About VMWare tools.

So where in VMWare 9 is the Synchronization settings?

  • Goto VMWare Workstation and on the menu bar select VM -> Settings.
  • Under the option tab, select VMWare Tools.
  • At the top right you will see VMWare Tools features.
  • Tick the checkbox for Synchronize guest time with host.

Your host and guest machine will now be in synch.