8 thoughts on “Search Refiners with Managed Metadata

  1. Can you please explain how I might be able to ‘prevent’ certain managed metadata properties from showing up in the Search Refiners panel? Most I want to show up, but there are a few we don’t.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Sorry I’ve taken time to reply. I’m not really sure how to prevent certain managed metadata properties from showing up. Why are these metadata tags available for tagging if you don’t want them to show up in search?
      From looking through the CustomFilter I can’t see anyway of hiding a given value. However I did see when editing the Refinement Panel Web Part that there was an XSL editor. If you are any good with XSLT (unfortunately I don’t) you could hide your values using this.

      Good luck and thanks for reading.

  2. Hi

    I have implemented “Taxonomy” filter but when i select “Europe” this shows items tagged for Europe only it is not showing items tagged for countries in Europe.

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately this one is hard for me to debug for you, based on your comment. I’d recommend ensuring you haven’t mistyped anything, ensure column names match up, and that you have done a full crawl after creating the data with the managed metadata columns completed.

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