Windows 8/ Windows Server 2012 basic help getting around.

Windows 8 / Windows 2012 are interesting OSs. There are new features that take a while to get used to.

  • There is no Start Menu. There is now a start screen. To access it, move the mouse towards the left hand corner of the screen, a small start square will appear. Click it to display the start screen. Or press the key.
  • Apps – When you click on an app, it opens full screen. You cannot re-size or minimize. There is no close button. To close them put the mouse at the top of the screen. The mouse pointer will change to a hand. Click and drag the page to the bottom of the screen, as if you are throwing the application away. This is how you close it.
  • Charms – By moving your mouse to the right of the screen, (near the top right or near the bottom right) icons will pop out from the side. Search, Share, Start, Devices, Settings. Or ( + C)
    • Search – Clicking search will allow you to search for apps, settings, or file.
    • Share – I’m assuming you can share stuff by clicking on this, so far I get the message saying I’m unable to share anything.
    • Start- This toggles the start screen menu and the desk top.
    • Devices – If you have dual screens, selecting this will allow you to share your screen differently to a second screen.
    • Settings – Here you can configure how the pc is setup. Also it gives you information about network, sound, brightness, notifications, power and keyboard
  • How do you shut down? Using the Settings Charm ( + C), click Power. You then get the option to Sleep, Shut Down, Restart.