Getting sound to work within your Windows Server Hyper V client

Update: With Hyper V that I have on Windows 10, you can upgrade your virtual machine to use generation 2 virtual machine. With this installed, there is then the enhanced mode for viewing the virtual machine, as long as your server within your VM has the “Desktop Experience” feature enabled.

By running in enhanced mode, hovering over the speaker Icon in the task bar, it will state that Audio Service isn’t running. Right click it, and select sounds. A dialog will then pop up and ask if you want the audio service to be enabled. Click Yes.

The speaker icon will no longer have a red cross over it. And you should be able to hear sound through your VM if you enter the machine by using enhanced mode, or via a remote desktop connection.

Original Post:

After creating my Hyper V machine with Windows Server 2008 R2 on it, I found that it had no audio drivers installed. You will also find that looking at the settings for your machine in Hyper V manager there is no driver to be installed.
The only way you can get sound within your Virtual Machine in Hyper V is using Remote Desktop (RDP), and a small amount of configuration within the Hyper V Client machine.

  1. On your base Windows 8 machine, open up a RDP connection screen. Under Local resources, where Remote audio is, click Settings. Ensure the Remote audio playback is set to “Play on this computer”.

  2. Now access your Virtual machine, either through the Hyper V connect screen, or through RDP.
  3. You will notice that you still do not have audio. This is because you need to change something within the VM operating system.
  4. Click Start, and in Search type “Remote”. From the list of programs, choose Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.
  5. In the Central panel, right click on RDP-tcp connection and select properties.
  6. Under Client settings untick “Audio and Video Playback” and “Audio recording”. Click OK
  7. Now if you are currently within a RDP session accessing your Virtual Machine, you need to close down that session and re-connect. Once you have reconnected by RDP you will find you now have sound.