Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8

I have just gone through the process of installing Windows 8 Enterprise volume license over the top of Windows 7. Normally I just do a clean install, but in this case I wanted to go the simple route. (Which will probably end up with me doing a clean install in about a month when I find things not working).


Steps to upgrade

  1. Insert the DVD VL disk. If autorun doesn’t work, explorer the disk and run setup.exe. Click Install Now.
  2. Select the option to get updates online.
  3. Accept licensing terms.
  4. Select Upgrade: Install windows + keep files.
  5. I have VM Workstation installed on my PC, which I got a warning about. I choose to ignore the warning about VM Workstation. (VM Workstation will not work once you have upgraded). I had to upgrade to VM Ware 9, or convert my disks to Hyper V. If you have VMWare Workstation, and planning on going to Windows 8, I would recommend converting all disks to Hyper V disks first before upgrading.
  6. Windows will now upgrade. This takes along time (about 45min to 1hr 30mins) just leave the pc running. A couple of times you will think the pc is stuck and be tempted to shut down pc. DON’T!!!
  7. Once installed you can personalise colour scheme.
  8. Next you have a choice to Express Set up or customise. I chose customise, but ended up just click Next Next Next to finalising.
  9. Sign in as your usual account, and then watch the repeating video while the pc is set up in the back ground.
  10. To insert the product key, as you were not asked once during the install, open a command prompt (click left corner where start button should be, bring up the metro menu and type cmd. Select the command window. In the command prompt type “slui 3”. This will bring up the Windows Activation window to type in the product key and activate.